Meet the team behind Ten Em Bee that share the same passion for football and community as it's founders.

These men are part of Ten Em Bee’s legacy and are key in ushering this generation of youngsters at Ten Em Bee towards achieving their goals and becoming upstanding members of our society through the love for football and community.

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Danny Fairman & Earl Palmer

Founders / Trustees
Earl and Danny have dedicated their lives so far to making sure that the youngsters that come through Ten Em Bee get a fair chance at life and come out of it doing well. Their vision for the future of Ten Em Bee is to bring free quality education for those in need and build a clear path for them leading to success.

Paul Palmer​

Head Of Football / Trustee
Paul Palmer has been raised around the Ten Em Bee community since 1975. He spent his childhood looking up to the players as role models and always had aspirations of being a player for the club. From the age of 15 he began playing for the club, fulfilling his desire of representing its team at every level it participated in. Eventually, his passions shifted to professional coaching. Paul spent time at other clubs collecting up the experience and accreditations to be able to bring them back to coaching for the youth Ten Em Bee.


Club Manager
As Club Manager, Lloyd Davis is responsible for the success and daily operations surrounding Ten Em Bee’s first team. Lloyd has been a part of the club for the last 3 years, guiding the team through 3 London FA Cup Championships under his guidance.


Club Vice Captain

Oliver Miller has been Club Vice Captain at Ten Em Bee for the last 3 years. Outside of the club, he works as an occupational therapist. His role as Club Captain is to guide the team both on and off the pitch.


Club Captain
Outside of the club, Mike also works as a Physical Education teacher and Head of Year 10 at Wolf Academy in South London. He is passionate being a gateway for young talent in the community to reach their full potential to be in a better position to provide for themselves and their families.