We salute Earl and Danny Visionaries and Pioneers of the club to be known as Ten Em Bee.

Danny Fairman grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and travelled to England on a boat with his 9 year old younger sister when he was 12 years old. Earl was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1954, and his mother immigrated to England in 1961, followed by him in 1966. At the time, BOAC was the sole airline travelling from Jamaica to England. While his mother was at work, he went to Kentwood School in Penge and enjoyed watching football and cricket on TV. Tony Davis, Frank Stellastow, Danny, and Earl all expressed a desire for more out of life. They claimed they felt like greyhounds in the league they played in and that they weren’t seen as innovative, so they decided to build their own teams based on their love of football and recruited guys from their place of employment, The Metal Box Company. The Metal Box was a global firm with locations in Jamaica and South Africa, which gave them confidence in their goal of playing in a squad that was naturally varied and made their players feel included. Although name of Ten Em Bee came from the merging between the Tenth Branch in the Metal Box company and the Brixton Beehive and in July 1975 Ten Em Bee was born. 

The family and team met several people who were very supportive along the way like Mike Vernon, Scotty and have a direct influence on Football in Jamacia to this day. Ten Em Bee have donated their blueprint to their structure and building to XXXXXXX to help support Football on the island and their childhood home. Along the road, they encountered several people who were really encouraging who they would like the thank, like Mike Vernon and Scotty, and have had a direct influence on Jamaican football to this day. Ten Em Bee has contributed the blueprints for its construction and building to XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 

Since 1975, and its members have dedicated their lives to helping their team and the community’s youngsters become the best versions of themselves. This team is much more than a football team; it has produced not only Premiership players there are teachers, police officers, social workers, entrepreneurs and a variety of other community professionals who still come back to visit. Their current sponsor Dean Forbes Co-Founder and Chairman of Forbes Family Group also spent his childhood days there prior to him playing at Crystal Palace and becoming one of Britian’s top 50 business leaders according to Lloyds Bank and the Daily Telegraph. This charitable family heritage cannot be spoken without a grin on one’s face because of the wonderful times everyone has shared here. 

Please watch our video interviews to hear more of this wonderful story. 

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