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summer holiday camp

Holiday Camps are designed for children aged 5 to 12 years old and cater to a wide range of sporting interests and skills. From Team Sports to Gymnastics and Dance, we cover a wide range of activities to engage and develop the children who attend our camps. We also have Arts & Crafts activities and ‘Special Events’ like Archery, Taekwondo, First Aid, Fencing, Boxing, Sand Art, and Paralympic Events on occasion. 
Childcare vouchers, including the government’s Tax Free voucher system, are accepted at all of our Holiday Camp locations.
Our Holiday Camps are designed to maximise participation while maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere. Our team will make sure that the children feel comfortable and welcome, and that they are encouraged to try new sports and activities and meet new people.
All Holiday Camp employees have a current Enhanced DBS, are trained in First Aid and Safeguarding Children, and attend our own internal training programmes. Because all of the Holiday Camp staff have worked either as teachers or in a school setting, education and supported learning are at the forefront of every camp day. Every day of our provision has a clear plan and a set of learning objectives. We are also glad to accommodate and welcome children with varied and varying requirements, including those with SEN, due to our staff’s school teaching skills.

Our inexpensive, dependable, and flexible Academies provide parents with the assurance that their childcare needs are being met.

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